Games Workshop and Social Media

Totally agree with this, I’ve got several GW’s and WHW is my nearest store but the store accounts are barely worth following when they just post everything to Facebook and as such it feels like you aren’t able to get instant responses.

A few weeks ago the Nottingham city centre store got refurbished and was re-opened. they were posting pictures of the limited edition chaplain miniature on the Facebook page, but when I enquired about how to acquire one the question was and still remained unanswered until I popped into the store on my next visit in.

All in all the guys who work in WHW and with Warhammer TV and even Duncan Rhodes having there own profiles is great, but for the stores themselves it would be much better if they had accounts that they used. Even with the re-branding of the store and Facebook page of the city centre Notts store the twitter still remains much the same, they even still have the egg avatar.

All in all there’s an awakening to social media being trail blazed by those staff members from WHW and GW Kendal, the rest seem to be stuck in the old world rather than embracing the realm gates and making themselves known to the community and showing that even across multiple realms and media platforms that they are bastions of excitement for our hobby!

The Life and Interests of a Licensed Fool

Last December it was a landmark birthday for my wife. So in the hope of easing the pain I booked a secret family break to stay in an old hunting lodge – that looked very much like a castle from the old world – near Carlisle. On the way we decided to stop off at Kendal and have a look around and like most people who paint plastic miniatures we (myself, wifey and the tiny man) ended up in Kendal’s Games Workshop store.

I have to admit that ending up in the store didn’t happen totally by mistake as I really wanted to meet the man who was behind the stores Twitter and Instagram account. GW at the moment are in the middle of a social media awakening with the creation of Warhammer TV, the community site and the use of platforms like Instagram. Even the staff at Warhammer…

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