Painting Guide: Human Flesh Tones

As someone with a lot of Khorne Bloodbound to paint, I ran into a dilemma. How do you paint anything but white Caucasian skin on models. Considering almost every human you see within both AoS and 40K has white skin, I figured it was something I could set about learning about.

There are a few online guides as to creating a selection of different skin tones, however most of these are caucasian, and all eventually end up using 75% of the same colours. The problem I encountered was attempting to keep them “realistic” as it were, so no smurfs or guys painted goblin green, but instead a selection of skin tones that worked well together and showed different origins of members of my Bloodbound army.

So lets begin! Our first stop is Warhammer TV’s YouTube channel, they have a wealth of video’s on here with numerous ideas and paint scheme’s two of my favourites however are the Dark and Pale skin tones, click the respective word to go to the video.

Now whilst drifting around in some of the older video’s you can find painting guides for Bloodbound and a number of different tones and shades come up such as the much more red toned Dwarf Fyreslayers.

Of course I have a few of my own creation as well that you can find listed below. Will be updating with images as soon as I can get enough light to take a decent picture!

Base: Cadian Fleshtone
Wash: Reikland Fleshshade
Layer: Rakarth Flesh
Base: XV-88
Wash: Agrax Earthshade
Layer: Skrag Brown
Base: Rakarth Flesh
Wash: Seraphim Sepia
Layer: Palid Wych Flesh
Placeholder for Image Placeholder for Image Placeholder for Image
Base: Gorthor Brown
Wash: Agrax Earthshade
Layer: Mournfang Brown
Base: Cadian Fleshtone
Wash: Reikland Fleshshade
Layer: Kislev Flesh
Base: Dryad Bark
Wash: Druchii Violet
Layer: Gorthor Brown
Placeholder for Image Placeholder for Image 20170418_142135

What are your tones and scheme’s used, an army with as much flesh showing as Khorne Bloodbound did you choose to paint all one colour for speed or not?

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  1. Flesh tone has always scared me so I’ve tended to avoid it. I then picked up some Scale 75 flesh paints and tackled a terminator captain – – when I picked up the free model on white Dwarf I followed the flesh guide on there and found it helpful and quick as well I’ve also seen some nice flesh that has just been painted using a white primer and then washes of riekland fleshshade. My first attempt at an African skin tone will be on the Silvertower Warpriest. He’s an amazing looking model and I really want to do hom justice

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