Painting Guide: Imperial Fists

First off a bit of back story, a friend of mine John collects Nurgle for AoS as well as a few other armies to name a few but also collects Imperial Fists. I have a small contingent of Crimson Fists, namely the Assault on Black Reach mini’s a second tactical squad, a scout squad and a command/veteran squad as well as Pedro Kantor.


So my gift for him just so happened to be a Nurgle Lord of Plagues, sadly he already owned this model, but decided he’s going to convert it and use it with his blight kings, I thought fair enough. His gift for me was the aforementioned Pedro Kantor model, although his version was a much better cast (grrr finecast grumble grumble) I already had the model and seeing as its the only special character they have didn’t want a second.

That’s when inspiration struck, we decided on doing a Christmas Model Exchange where I would paint up Pedro Kantor in the Imperial Fists colour scheme for him to use as a force commander and he would buy something for my Khorne Bloodbound Age of Sigmar army, I’m still yet to guess what he’s got me, however, I did present him with a list of things I’d been looking at getting in the future.

Anyway enough backstory he’s some pictures of the Imperial Fists I’ve been working on for the last 2 months. Following this, there’s a quick paint guide towards the bottom to help you achieve the same look & effects!

As you can see I’ve decided to cheat a little and give him a few more characters to use and almost managed to whip up an entire command squad from my spare parts.  (sidenote: banner’s / standard carriers are rarer than rocking horse poop online).

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Painting the Sons of Dorn

Thanks to Peter Harrison over on TalkWargaming for the basic idea’s for this scheme, you can see his guide here

  • Undercoat: White Rattle Can (Army Painter)
  • Armour:
    • Basecoat: Averland Sunset
    • Wash: Seraphim Sepia
    • Layer: Yriel Yellow
  • Helmet, Chest Icon, Wax Seals:
    • Base: Mephiston Red
    • Wash: Carroburg Crimson
    • Layer: Mephiston Red
  • Vents, Gun Stock & Joints:
    • Base: Abaddon Black
    • Wash: Nuln Oil
  • Silver Metals:
    • Base: Leadbealcher
    • Wash: Nuln Oil
  • Gold Metals:
    • Base: Balthasar Gold
    • Wash: Agrax Earthshade
    • Layer: Gehanna’s Gold
  • Shoulder Icon:
    • Base: Eshin Grey
    • Wash: Nuln Oil
  • Parchment:
    • Base: Ushabti Bone
    • Wash: Seraphim Sepia
  • Lenses:
    • Base: Moot Green
    • Layer: Warpstone Green
  • Power Swords:
    • Base: Ironbreaker
    • Layer: Runefang on the edges of the sword
    • Highlight: with a layer of Gulliman blue glaze
  • Cloak:
    • Base: Mephiston Red
    • Wash: Carroburg Crimson
    • 2nd Wash: Nuln Oil around base of cloak
    • Layer: Mephiston Red
  • Apothecary Whites:
    • Base: Ceramite White
    • Wash: Nuln Oil using a toothpick in the recesses
    • Layer: White Scar to tidy up any white that appears patchy
  • Apothecary Phials:
    • Base: Mephiston Red / Calgar Blue / Caliban Green
    • Layer: Spiritstone Red / Gulliman Blue / Waystone Green