Planning a new army

#NewYearNewArmy and more recently #New40kNewArmy are two hashtags that are very popular on social media especially with the new realese of 8th Edition 40k happening this weekend. What goes into a new army, do you go with a themed/ fluffy list or a power list, do you apply the rule of cool when deciding on new units for your new army?

With that in mind going to share a bit of information about building my #NewYearNewArmy & #New40kNewArmy with you all. Say hello to Ragnar Blackmane’s Great Company.


As a long time fan of Space Wolves, starting in around 2000 I had the Space Wolves 3rd Ed Codex, written by Jervis Johnson, Andy Chambers & Gavin Thorpe. Used in conjunction with the space marine codex of the time it soon became one of the most read books for my 11 year old self.

There just something about the werewolf / viking cross space marine’s that I just loved reading about and as such I requested one after another the Ragnar novels from my local town library. Following the adventures of Ragnar and his wolf brothers are great memories for me and regular re-reads as well!

At the time of realeseSpace Wolves also got a whole load of plastic and metal boxed kits, in the old citadel slip-sleeves boxes. After saving up money from birthday’s and delivering newspaper’s was able to purchase some of these kits. Starting out with Grey Hunters and a few Space Marine Bikes, I still have the grey hunters and will add some archive pictures of them. I later added Blood Claws, a Rhino, Predator and a then brand new plastic dreadnought!


The Grey Hunters & Blood Claws were just assault & tactical sprues with an added Space Wolf sprue for the head’s pelt’s tasstles and Meltagun as well as a large sheet of transfers suitable for vehicles as well.

Fast Forward 14 years later and im still hooked on Space Wolves, I’ve rediscovered the Emperor’s Light (Sigmar’s too) and im back into the hobby. With as much subtlty as Leman Russ attempting to kill Magnus the Red, my brother decided I needed a new 40k army, after my Black reach Crimson Fists has been gathering dust for 5 years, and at Christmas was presented with the start collecting box Space Wolves Box along with Ragnar Blackmane, a mini I’d been waiting 15 years to own!


6 Months later (Present day) I’ve built up my Wolves and they sit awaiting the Index: Imperium Book 1 so that I can build my Wolves up. I’m trying to go with a fluffy list of it being a quick and agile force despite not knowing how they will play. Eveerything is bought ready to go and I just need to get the glue out and get stuck in!

Ragnar Blackmane’s Great Company currently consists of:

Ragnar Blackmane
Wolf Priest in Terminator Armour (Limited Edition store opening model)
5 Wolf Guard
9 Blood Claws
Lukas The Trickster
2 x 10 Grey Hunters
3 Thunderwolves
1x Razorback
1x Drop Pod


Future planned purchases include:

Bjorn the Fell-Handed
Ulrik the Slayer
Skyhammer Pack (10 Grey Hunters & Drop Pod)
Stormfang or Land Raider
Wolf Guard Terminators
Long Fangs
Logan Grimnar
2x Razorbacks

and last but by no means least I’m plraying to the sculpting gods that they bring out a plastic Primarch worthy of Fenris for me to paint!

I’ve manged to pick up a few other bits and pieces from friends and the like and I should be able to convert a Rune Priest as well so all in all i’ll have a solid force for defending the imperium in 8th edition!

I feel my list is fairly themeatic in that its mostly Grey Hunters with a few new blood thrown in and a few of the older guys and that it should suit an attacking playstyle, this is all theory crafting though and having no idea how 8th will work out its effectiveness remains to be seen, still im excited to be playing my favourite force with my favourite Wolf Lord repeasenting me!

If you’ve got any ideas of what your building for 8th edition and #New40kNewArmy drop a comment below. If you think I need any specific units let me know!

“For Russ and the Allfather!”


  1. And who knows if the great Russ himself will return one day soon!

    I’ve also liked the Space Wolves, but in the end it fell down to Dark Angels for me a few years back (just before the first Dark Vengeance). We had a space wolf player in our group already, and Ravenwing and Deathwing put the last nail in the coffin.

    I’m not sure it qualifies as an army, but on Saturday I ended up walking home with a box of Cadians. Imperial detachments are treacherously open now, and I felt some meat shields is always good to have. 🙂


    • Great Idea, I live close enough to WHW that resin is a very real option, and have been tempted to do a Valkyrie drop squad of veteran’s with all the extra hazard gear you can get from ForgeWorld just to slot into my Space Wolves, but would also have a place in my Imperial Guard I started several years ago, back when Cadian’s came in a 20 man box!

      The other option is to take a few Leman Russ battle tanks as my heavy support as a sort of tribute to the Primarch himself!

      Hoping on a plastic Russ Kit, failing that I’ll wait and just get the ForgeWorld one with his 2 wolves… I can see the ££’s falling out of my bank account already!

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