Quick, Easy, Cohesive bases

Basing got a whole lot easier in recent years using Citadel’s texture paints, instead of the PVA and Sand. The results speak for themselves in giving you a Quick, Easy and Cohesive theme for your bases. The only downside is the drying times on these. It very much depends on how thick you slop it on, however, they do come in a variety of colours and types of texture paint, from cracked earth to snow and textured stone in appearance.

All you need is:

  • A preferred shade of brown or black paint (Steel Legion drab, Scorched Brown, Rhinox Hide or Abaddon Black for example)
  • GW Texture Paint
  • A pack of grass tufts (Readily available from GW and Army Painter)
  • GW Shades / Washes
  • Paint brush (Preferably one you dont use for painting with or clay modelling tools as I used)


  1. Apply desired texture paint. I purchased some cheap clay modelling tools from ebay for this step instead of using a brush to spoon it out of the pot, and it makes it so much easier! I did find that I needed to add water to mine however to get it to spread easier.IMG_20170620_222426_012
  2. Once your texture paint is dry, I recommend 1-2 hours, you can quickly and easily apply a wash to the base using any number of coloured washes to change the appearance of the base.IMG_20170620_222426_014
  3. Once the shade has dried you can apply a dry brush, followed by tuft’s or the aforementioned snow texture (Valhallan Blizzard) to finish off your bases.IMG_20170620_222426_019
  4. At this point paint the rim of the base in your chosen black, brown or whatever colour you have chosen, you may also need a craft knife to clean up if any etxture paint has dropped onto the sides.

Following on from this my personal favourite is Astrogranite Debris, Drakenhoff Nightshade wash and a dry brush of Longbeard Grey. To create a dark grey rock texture with whitish highlights upon the raised edges.

As you can see I added a skull embbed into the paint, which I then painted up, which just adds something else to the base as well.

Games Workshop put together a handy guy of how to get various results and put them into a PDF available here.