Hobby Hacks: Lighting

Lighting is an important part of being able to see, especially when you trying to paint fine details on your latest batch of warriors. It was recently shared round the #Warmongers group on twitter that several sellers on Amazon had some great deals on USB powered, bright white, LED lamps that also feature a rechargeable battery.

These lamps are amazingly bright and have 3 levels of brightness, they easily illuminate my hobby area and as such make it much easier to see what I’m doing as well as provide a consistent lighting level that is uniform every time I use them.

I’ve found them to be much brighter when plugged in but the fact you can take them anywhere and use them is a great bonus.

Now for powering the lights I recently found these Anker USB Charging Hubs were a decent price, also allowing you to power a tablet or mobile phone for watching and read those tutorials or Netflix whilst you work away on your latest project.

Its great as it means you only need a single wall socket in order to power your entire hobby/paint/battle/station, which is just a massive bonus in my opinion. Also means when your friends arrive you can easily set it up so that you can all utilise it around a single table, this is great if you are struggling for motivation!

Here are the links below to the Amazon listing for them. If you would please use the link below as it is connected to my Amazon affiliates account which will give me a small amount back from your purchase all at no cost to yourself!

Let me know in the comments below if this kind of article is useful! please share if you found this helpful and please use my Amazon affiliates link as any money made from that will be going straight back into the site and articles I have planned.



  1. I saw those at the same time you did on Twitter and they look interesting. I’m not in the market for any, and I have no need of something portable, but if I did then I’d definitely snag a few of those.


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