Showcase & Tactics 8th Ed: Thunderwolf Cavalry

Having fully finished my Thunderwolves and a game arranged with a few friends I decided I would take my Thunderwolf Cavalry.

I wanted my Thunderwolves to be melee fighter’s given the higher toughness and the war gear options available to them I opted for Frost Axes & Storm Shields on the 3 models I have. my reasoning for this was, my reasoning for this was T5, so only special weapons & heavy weapons would trouble me, with people trying to shoot at me from range.

Frost Axes give +2 strength and a -2 to AP meaning they get very nasty bonus fighting any line infantry  (even Space Marines) and even have a decent chance against heavy infantry & light vehicles. Anything more and they may struggle to match the S vs T rolls.

Storm Shields add massively to the survivability of the wolves getting across the battlefield, giving them a 3+ invulnerable save, this coupled with 3 wounds a piece and toughness 5, makes them very hard to remove without concentrated firepower from heavy weapons.

Once they arrive into combat they hurt! hitting on 3’s (unbuffed) and having 7 attacks between the 3 riders gives them quite a high damage output. the best thing is when your opponent thinks that’s it, but you then get an additional 9 attacks from the wolves at S5 with -1AP.

The only downside to this is that all the weapons are damage 1 meaning you do need to land the attacks especially if you go vehicle or character hunting but the sheer weight of 7 strength 6 attacks and 9 strength 5 attacks means that some attacks will get through and will do damage.

Throwing a grenade is your only Overwatch option should you be the one getting charged but with a 10″ move as standard you can easily position yourself away from the charge in order to counter charge in your own turn.

Overall my Thunderwolves cost 210 points as per the index at this time of writing and I feel would easily destroy a 200 point tactical squad, with the only hassle coming from a heavy weapon, plasma or melta, even then they will ignore the AP changes thanks to the Storm Shields, giving a 3+ invulnerable save. Overall a solid unit and one that can cover a good distance over the battlefield. I’m looking forward to fielding these in the future!

Comment below on how you would either equip your Thunderwolves or how you would take them to pieces!

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